Q: What happens if my horse knocks down a filler? could he hurt himself?

A: If your horse knocks a filler down it will fall down with the poles. The banner material used is flexible and a lot softer than a normal wooden filler so your horse is far less likely to hurt himself than he would with a normal wooden filler.

Q: How do I put them up?

A: The sleeves are designed to fit a standard wooden or plastic pole and come in 3 lengths - 1.2mt,  3 mt or 3.6 mt. They can be pulled onto the pole easily with the aid of a loop at one end. Once on, they fit snugly and can be left on. The fillers have a pocket top and bottom and the pole slides into each pocket. The poles are then placed on the cups of the jump wings. The weight of the poles keep the fillers taut.

Q; Will they fall down or ripple in the wind?

A: Any strong wind can cause poles and fillers to fall down. However, if your fillers are going to be situated in an exposed area we can insert slits into the filler to allow the wind to pass through. On request, we can also insert an eye in each corner of the filler to enable the filler to be tied more tightly to the pole. We can also supply bungee ties for this use.

Q: What advantages are there in using your fillers instead of the wooden ones I use?

A: Our fillers have fantastic advantages over the wooden ones. Wood generally rots and the paint chips, Our fillers will not rot or need re-touching. However, we cannot say that our sleeves and fillers won't scuff - they may scuff if heavily knocked as any filler/pole would. Our huge range of colours ensures that you are spoilt for choice with the colour combinations/designs that we can provide. We are passionate about our sleeves and fillers!

Q: What does the price include?

A: The price is for the filler or sleeves as pictured. It does not include the poles or jump wings. It does however include vat.

Q: can I create my own design?

A: Yes you can! Just talk to us about what you would like and email a picture to us if you have one and we will produce it for you. See our colours page to choose your own design.

Q: Will they fade in the sun/ crack in the frost?

A: Thy shouldn't fade in the sun or crack in the frost as the material is designed for outdoor use. However, we can't say they will never fade but we can say that they have been outside in all weathers for over a year at the yard I use and they still look very bright and have not faded.

Q: How much is delivery?

A: Our next day delivery service is £8.95 for a parcel up to 20 kg. (A filler set weighs about 4-5 kg). Any parcel over 20 kg will be an extra 50 pence per kg.

Q: Great, how do I order?

A: Just contact us and place your order and we can take your card payment over the phone on 0115 9550808.